Credits At The End Of The Race

Yesterday during the coverage of the Tokyo Olympics two Scottish swimmers impressed me.

One swimmer is coming home with hardware around his neck and the other isn’t. But I was impressed not by their hardwareness but how they thanked their coaches.

If you are interested in the credits at the end of a movie you’re probably a movie nut. You want to know who was involved, who picked the actors and who were the stunt men & women. In the swimming arena I’m like that. I want to know who were these superstars’ coaches.

Ross Murdoch was so determined on getting his credits out to the audience he took his mask off! He thanked his coach of his age-group years Jimmy Orr and a host of families involved with his story.

Ross Murdoch, a class act

One of the other Scottish swimmers Duncan Scott, who had an Olympic gold put around his neck credited his coach Steven Tigg. And during the interview after the gold medal 800m relay, Tom Dean, credited the swimmer who swam in the heats.

Duncan Scott and Tom Dean

I always wonder about the background and history of Olympic swimmers. Generally there isn’t much information available to find out the history of each champion but the true class-acts of the sport give credit where credit is due.

About Coach Gary

I competed in the 1988 Olympics in Seoul representing Canada and coached in the 2000 and 2004 Olympics for Great Britain. I have a degree in History and a minor degree in Psychology from University of Calgary. I have travelled extensively and have been very lucky to see so much of the world while representing Canada and Great Britain at swimming competitions. I am very proud of the fact that I coached a swimmer to become number one in the world in the fastest swimming race in 2002. I pride myself in my ability to find new and interesting ways to teach swimming. I am an accomplished artist specialising in sculpture, I have another blog called 'swimmingart' where I publish some of my swimming drawings. I have three young children; all boys. I have recently taken up painting and yoga....but not at the same time. You can see my new paintings at:
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