The Wile E. Coyote Affect

Wile E. Coyote tries to catch The Road Runner, day after day, and day after day. Each trial cunningly invented with new ideas to catch him … but never successful. A true sportsperson needs a mindset like him to affect their actions.

Wile E. never gives up. He falls from heights beyond survival and gets blown up into ashes. But never gives up. Never.

Wile E. is back with a new plan; the very next day. Just when Wile E. thinks that today is the day: beep beep! The Road Runner escapes. Indubitably.

You need determination, not cool kit!

The faith that drives any athletic pursuit, towards the unknown, must dwell in your mind just like this stoic coyote. You must personify Wile E. Your determination must be so deep that it is unshakable. Any normal coyote would give up.

Wile E. comes back time after time, but does he keep attempting the same way? He does not. He tries new ways every time. Rockets, gliders, speed shoes, traps of every kind … but each one fails. Every time that the trap is set, it gets stuck, or Wile E. is too fast, or he is (almost) destroyed in the attempt. Does he give up despite his humiliating defeat?

A great athlete is like Wile E. Coyote. Forever chasing their prize. Each attempt is with renewed zeal, with blind enthusiasm and unwavering determination.

Never give up

Someday. Someday. You will succeed. As Dr Suess says: “98 and 3/4 % guaranteed. Kid you’ll move mountains”.

How many?

About Coach Gary

I competed in the 1988 Olympics in Seoul representing Canada and coached in the 2000 and 2004 Olympics for Great Britain. I have a degree in History and a minor degree in Psychology from University of Calgary. I have travelled extensively and have been very lucky to see so much of the world while representing Canada and Great Britain at swimming competitions. I am very proud of the fact that I coached a swimmer to become number one in the world in the fastest swimming race in 2002. I pride myself in my ability to find new and interesting ways to teach swimming. I am an accomplished artist specialising in sculpture, I have another blog called 'swimmingart' where I publish some of my swimming drawings. I have three young children; all boys. I have recently taken up painting and yoga....but not at the same time. You can see my new paintings at:
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